Arcadia Infrared Heat Lamp for Reptiles

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Infrared Ceramic Heaters from Arcadia gives you a great heat source, without light being emitted, which is ideal for night time heat.

These are sleek design and will go in any standard ceramic screw fitting holder.

These beautifully designed ceramic bulbs are sleek and compact, measuring only 75mm diameter. They emit heat without the light, and are all standard E27 screw fitting, so will be perfect in any screw fitting ceramic holder.

As with all ceramic bulbs, these can get very hot, so they should always be used with a pulse thermostat to control the temperature and ensure both you and your reptiles are kept safe and secure. A pulse thermostat is designed to gentle pulse the power to the bulb to control the temperature to what you require.

These bulbs will provide heat, and can easily be used along side UVB lighting during the day to provide your reptile with everything it needs to be strong and healthy.

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