Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage


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The New Habitrail Twist Cage is the latest and greatest Habitrail home for hamsters.

The Twist features many cool design innovations that you and your small pet will love. The Habitrail Twist Hamster Cage is the perfect deep based, easy to clean hamster home for your pet. With panoramic views you will be able to watch your hamster enjoy this wonderful habitat which comes with many extras.


  • Height: 26cm (10.2″)
  • Width: 22cm (8.6″)
  • Length: 47cm (18.5″)


  • Plastic

The cage includes:

  • Feeding & sleeping area – Water bottle – Cage – Exercise wheel
  • 2 x Ring adaptors – 2 x windows – Habitrail lock connectors

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